Profile: Goldman Sachs Analyst’s Involvement with ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation’

A senior analyst in Goldman Sachs’ Human Capital Management Division, Brittany McLellan Fitzgerald, first learned about the Make-A-Wish Foundation as a child when her brother was granted a wish at the age of nine after being diagnosed with cancer.

Brittany joined Make-A-Wish New York’s Junior Board, a group comprising 20 professionals who raise funds and awareness and grant wishes, in 2013 – the same year she joined Goldman Sachs as an analyst. She had previously supported the nonprofit as a college student in Canada and later as a Make-A-Wish intern. 

To date, Brittany has granted 14 wishes as a volunteer “wish-granter” on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and has raised $235,000 in funds to fulfill these wishes, which fall into one of five categories: Wish to Be, Wish to Meet, Wish to Go, Wish to Have and Wish to Give. She has also helped organize a number of events, including two Community TeamWorks (CTW) projects with Goldman Sachs colleagues.

“The sky is the limit when you apply the dedication and drive you put in daily to be successful at the firm towards your involvement in the nonprofit world,” Brittany said. “I blend Make-A-Wish and Goldman Sachs in so many ways by bringing my colleagues into the Make-A-Wish world through CTW projects and other initiatives.”