GS Collections 6.0 Released

30 APR 2015

On February 4, Goldman Sachs made GS Collections 6.0 available on GitHub and Maven Central.

The release was entirely driven by community contributions, and includes new containers (ImmutableBiMap, MultiReaderFastListMultimap, MultiReaderUnifiedSetMultimap and MultiReaderHashBagMultimap) and enhancements to the RichIterable, OrderedIterable, ReversibleIterable, ParallelIterable, Multimap and other APIs, as well as tests, optimizations and bug fixes. The GS Collections Kata exercises have also been updated.

GS Collections is a library of collection-management utilities that work with the Java Collections Framework (JCF).

The GS Collections Code Kata Series: is a fun way to help you learn how to use GS Collections. We set up the Kata as a series of unit tests that fail. Your task is to make them pass, using GS Collections.