Want to Know What Our Goldman Sachs Engineering Team is Excited About? Solve This Puzzle to Find Out [UPDATE: Answer Revealed]

20 SEP 2019

Goldman Sachs Engineering is particularly happy this time of the year. Can you decipher the message?


That’s right! You can find our engineers at Grace Hopper Celebration 2019, where we will have more riddles and interact with participants to talk about current career opportunities at Goldman Sachs Engineering.

Want to learn more? Hear from Joan, a Securities engineer who shares her Day in the Life at Goldman Sachs.


About the cipher:

In cryptography, this is known as a keyword cipher, where a substitution alphabet is created from a keyword - or keyphrase in this case.

First, write down the alphabet on one line, followed by the keyword (omitting duplicate letters) and the remaining unused letters of the alphabet.


To encipher a message, you convert all letters from the top row to their corresponding letter on the bottom row. These ciphers are easily cracked using frequency analysis.