Use of Technology by Goldman Sachs Highlighted in New Harvard Business Case Study

“Goldman Sachs’ Digital Journey,” a new case study by the Harvard Business School which highlights how technology is being used at Goldman Sachs, was recently presented in a class at Harvard University.  The case study examines a series of initiatives within the firm’s divisions to create internal efficiencies and strengthen its core business with new clients.

Harvard worked with Goldman on designing the case, which was informed by contributions of senior managers of the firm as well as commentary and insights from R. Martin Chavez, chief financial officer of Goldman Sachs, and Darren Cohen, the firm’s head of Principal Strategic Investments. “Goldman Sachs’ Digital Journey” shows how the firm’s Securities Division leverages technology to drive positive client outcomes.

Cohen attended classes at the university for a week in early November to facilitate discussion around the case study and answer questions from students.

“While we are still in the early innings of our digital strategy, we recognized early on that innovation needs to take place within the business—not off in a separate department or function, and that if we don’t disrupt ourselves, someone else will,” Cohen said. “That philosophy has always been a part of the firm’s culture, and has been a key driver of the firm’s efforts to adapt and stay competitive.”

Harvard’s use of case studies is designed to put students in the position of company leaders facing dynamic challenges.