Goldman Sachs Hosts Second Women’s Trader Academy in London

27 DEC 2018

For the second consecutive year, Goldman Sachs hosted its Women’s Trader Academy in our London office.

The Goldman Sachs Trader Academy, the first of its kind in the region and industry, provides women students in their penultimate year of studies the opportunity to learn about trading over three onsite training days. The aim is to upskill and prepare women into future trading roles. Goldman Sachs hosted the first Academy last year for 16 participants in our London office, which the students found to be successful.

This year, we had 26 participants join the program which included interactive trading games and simulations, business spotlight sessions, work shadowing and networking. The training days were designed to ‘Engage, Equip, Empower’ the participants.

Each participant had access to the division’s Female Trader Initiative mentor groups (comprised of traders ranging from analysts to managing directors) to ask questions and seek advice. “I really enjoyed the large network of traders that we could contact. [It was] very useful when we had additional questions,” said a participant.

The students described their experience of the Academy as: “insightful”, “informative” and “inspiring”.

“I think the program is a great idea to try and show women they can also have a trading career and that they have the necessary skills,” said a participant on the Academy. “It has exceeded my expectation and I feel a lot better informed on the role of a trader and what it entails,” said another.

“The Academy offers students a great opportunity to get an early insight into trading so when they walk on the floor they have a clearer idea of what being a trader means,” said Giulia, a vice president in Equities Trading and mentor in the Academy.


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