Our People in the Community: Supporting Children With Disabilities and Their Families

Seth Kramer and John McGuire, who work in our Services Division and our Executive Office, respectively, serve on the board of directors of INCLUDEnyc, a New York-based nonprofit that supports people with disabilities—from birth through age 26, and their families, by promoting positive education, employment and independent living.

Annually, INCLUDEnyc supports more than 5,000 youth with disabilities. It helps their parents and other professionals through one-on-one support, a multi-lingual help line, workshops and an online library of resources, among other initiatives.

John has been involved with the organization for over a decade. As the parent of a daughter with Down syndrome, he identified with its cause and the need for resources designed for children with special needs and their parents in New York City. “When we had my daughter, we experienced first-hand how difficult it can be to navigate the system,” John said. “INCLUDEnyc levels the playing field and helps families get the services they need and helps them understand how they can advocate for their kids.”

Seth became involved a few years ago when he started a junior board, which seeks to engage the next generation of leaders in advocating for inclusion and disability rights and to support the organization’s fundraising efforts by leveraging a network of young professionals interested in disability issues. “Being at Goldman inspired me to become active, because the firm has such a great history of public service that’s engrained in our culture,” Seth said. “Joining the INCLUDEnyc junior board awakened me to the power of the organization and the important role it plays in the community.”

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