2021 MBA Buy Side Challenge: GSAM (Competition Closed - Winners Declared)

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for details of the winning teams.

The MBA Buy Side Challenge: GSAM contest is open to final year students pursuing a regular two-year PGP/MBA program at select institutes in India. Please see below for further details.

Competition Details

As a buy side analyst you are required to do in-depth analysis on a stock and pitch it to an investment committee. You will be given a list of 3 stocks (stock details will be sent to participants via email). You have to work on only ONE stock from the list and pitch your recommendation, whether you would like to buy/sell.

Submission Details

1) Each participating team should submit a pitch deck of maximum 10 pages (including title page) with your analysis in pdf format.

a. Trade Recommendation
b. Industry Analysis
c. Competitive Dynamics
d. Company Analysis
e. Key Risks
f. Valuation Framework (DCF, Relative Valuation, Precedent Deals etc)

2) A 3 statement excel model with:

a. Income statement with 3-year historical and 5 years forecasted line items
b. Balance Sheet with 3-year historical and 5 years forecasted line items
c. Cash Flow Statement with 3-year historical and 5 years forecasted line items
d. Valuation Sheet
e. Ratios/metrics that you think are relevant for the analysis

Eligibility Criteria 

This contest is open to final year students pursuing a regular two-year PGP/MBA program at the following institutes:

• Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
• Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
• Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur
• Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Team Formation

• Teams of exactly two members (same institute) can register for the competition
• There is no restriction on the number of teams from an Institute

Competition Timelines

• Competition Launch Date: 5th Nov 2021
• Registration End Date: 14th Nov 2021 at 11:59 PM
• Submission: 28th Nov 2021
• Competition Feedback Session and Buy-Side Workshop: 6th & 7th Dec 2021
• Finalist Presentation for top 5 teams: 13th & 14th Dec 2021
• Winner Announcement: 15th Dec 2021

Judging Criteria

• Approach towards Selection of Stock and Trade Recommendation
• Depth of investment thesis and risks
• Company and Industry analysis – breadth, depth and analysis
• Valuation methodology accuracy
• Formatting and language


Top 5 teams from each campus will then present and defend their analysis in front of a panel of Goldman Sachs professionals.


The top 5 teams from each campus will receive exclusive GS goodies and top teams from campuses will receive fast track interview opportunities / Pre-Placement Interviews for GSAM Buy-side research role.



Submission Deadline: The deadline is now passed

Steps for submission

1. Create a folder and name it as campus name_team name. For e.g. IIMC_TeamAlpha.
2. Save your slide deck (.pdf only) and your model (.xls/.xlsx only) in the folder.
3. Zip the folder and e-mail it to gsam-buyside-challenge@gs.com

For any queries or issues, please write an  email to gsam-buyside-challenge@gs.com

Winner Announcement

We are glad to announce the WINNERS of the competition :

  • Team Marvel: Srishti Saxena and Latasha Tanwar
  • Team Alpha Capital: Arjun Jhawar and Srijan Agrawal
  • Team Fin Fella: Vivek Kumar and Dhiraj Kumar
  • Team Tiramisu: Parag Parekh and Amrutha Renganathan
  • Team Multibaggers: Anansh Gupta and Prabal Gupta
  • Team Divergent: Ankit Mishra and Shreyaansh Gupta
  • Team VS Partners: Varun Chaudhary and Kota Sai Santhosh
  • Team Infinity: Eakansh Yadav and Mahesh V M
  • Team Azazel: Yash Sambtani and Jigar Doshi
  • Team A-Set: Tanisha Jain and Kumar Suraj
  • Team Xpelliarmus: Hrishikesh Pangarkar and Shreyash Kumath
  • Team Stockalyzer: Garima Kumar and Sharad Bang
  • Team The Acers: Parth Kumar Saria and Ankit Chamaria

Congratulations to all the winners!


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