Investing in Women of the Future

Goldman Sachs welcomed 165 final year A-Level students (high school seniors) to the firm’s London office on February 15 and 19,  for a one-day program offering experiential learning, mentorship and university readiness.

The A-Level Girls Program also helps participants gain exposure to career opportunities within the financial services industry.

For example, students learned about life on a trading floor by participating in “The Trading Game” where they decided whether to buy or sell concert tickets based on newsflashes, responding to new information by making financial decisions like a trader does. Other activities introduced students to the firm’s divisions, internship programs and affinity networks.

"The A-level Girls program was helpful to understand the divisions and day-to-day experience of employees. It opened my eyes to the breadth of career opportunities that await in a sector I didn’t previously think about,” said one participant. “It was also great to get early insight into the recruiting process.”

Early outreach program such as the A-Level Girls Program help serve Goldman Sachs’ commitment to diversity and inclusion. Program in other regions include LaunchPAD, Goldman Sachs Ron Brown Scholars and Girls Who Code.