Marquee/Kensho Hackathon Held at Goldman Sachs

05 APR 2017

Goldman Sachs’ Marquee team joined forces with twenty engineers from Kensho, a Cambridge-based data analytics startup, for a hackathon at Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York. Goldman Sachs holds a stake in Kensho through the firm’s Principal Strategic Investments group. 

Marquee is Goldman Sachs’ analytics, content and execution platform. It builds upon 20+ years of experience in distributed financial systems to give clients access to Goldman’s firmwide risk platform and pricing system, SecDB.

Kensho is a data analytics platform which allows its users to obtain instant information as to how asset prices have behaved historically in response to potentially market-impactful events, such as a speech from the US Federal Reserve or an earnings announcement, based on their database of hundreds of thousands of such events.

The teams, last gathered in 2015, set a new goal to integrate the latest Kensho product, Kensho Now, into Marquee’s content platform, which is currently being piloted internally within Goldman Sachs. Additionally they focused on developing an API to identify underlying assets and securities within content ideas.

The hackathon borrowed elements from the tech startup culture with whiteboards, group brainstorms, late-night coding sessions, social gatherings and daily “standups,” or all-hands-on-deck morning meetings.

“Marquee is pulling together a mix of the best and brightest people from a range of backgrounds, including the startup world and experienced professionals at Goldman Sachs,” said Douglas, a product manager and one of the organizers of the hackathon.

“Partnering with Kensho on this hackathon is a great example of how we are collaborating with fintech startups to create new products for clients that build upon our core strengths.”