In Appreciation of Our Recruiters

02 JUN 2022

Vicki Tung, head of recruiting for Goldman Sachs, is responsible for the firm's global recruitment strategy, including campus, early careers, experienced hire, executive search and diversity recruiting. She offers her thoughts about recruiters on National Recruiter Day.

by Vicki Tung

In honor of National Recruiter Day earlier this week, I would like to recognize our global team of recruiters who day in and day out embody our core business principle that without the best people, we cannot be the best firm. I’m proud to lead a team that constantly strives to identify and recruit the very best person for every job. Here’s how they make an impact every single day:

Recruiters change lives
From launching careers for new college graduates to helping experienced professionals take a leap of faith into a new organizational culture, our recruiters make a difference in our people’s futures.

Recruiters support business growth
Recruiters are bottom-line contributors to growth, especially in a year like 2021, which saw record hiring.

Recruiters are brand ambassadors
As the first, and sometimes only point of contact with potential hires, recruiters introduce and reinforce our firm’s culture and values by demonstrating strong relationship capabilities.

Recruiters forge paths in diversity
With a focus on delivering our aspirational goals through impactful and innovative sourcing strategies, recruiters develop alternative pathways to our firm.

Recruiters build community
As a global community, our recruiters work together to problem-solve and find solutions to challenges. More importantly, our recruiters celebrate each other’s success.

I’m grateful for their work and encourage anyone who has the opportunity to engage with our recruiters to make sure you’re getting the most out of their expertise and willingness to help you in your career pursuit. They really do make a difference.