OUTstanding LGBT+ and Ally Role Models at Goldman Sachs

The OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model Lists are an annual recognition of professionals within the LGBTQ+ community and their allies who’ve made positive contributions ranging from making the workplace more inclusive to showing their support as allies. We’re honored to have six Goldman Sachs colleagues recognized on this year’s lists across different categories. In recognition of their achievements, we explore their unique efforts within the LQBTQ+ community and the impact they have made at the firm and beyond.

Top 100 LGBT+ Executives

Frank Chen – Managing Director, Investment Banking Division

Frank is the Executive Sponsor of Goldman Sachs' Taiwan Diversity Network. He was instrumental in raising awareness of the marriage equality campaign in Taiwan which led to donations from colleagues around the globe to support the effort. He strongly believes that being true to yourself is good for business and helps in building strong relationships with clients. 

Susie Scher – Partner, Investment Banking Division

Susie is a member of the Americas Inclusion and Diversity Committee (AIDC), and is a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. As one of the most senior, out leaders at the firm, Susie has led both firmwide and division specific initiatives that resulted in increases to both recruitment and retention of LGBTQ+ professionals. As a visible out senior leader, Susie understands that representation matters and makes it a priority to be both a mentor and a role model to the firm’s junior LGBTQ+ population.

Top 100 LGBT+ Future Leaders

Michael Lam – Vice President, Human Capital Management

Michael is on the leadership team of the firm’s Asia Pacific LGBTQ+ Network Council. He has been a visible role model, taking proactive and effective steps to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion at the firm and beyond by mentoring junior colleagues, sharing his personal stories, and providing thought leadership both at Goldman Sachs and external organizations. Michael is also the winner of last year's Community Business' 2020 LGBT+ Inclusion Champion Award.

Stephanie Chang – Vice President, Global Markets Division

Stephanie sits on the steering committee of the Goldman Sachs LGBTQ+ network. As an active member of the network, she has led the yearly NYC Pride March for the firm and has been a mentor to many junior LGBTQ+ professionals. Stephanie believes in the importance of being a visible out role model, and is committed to keeping LGBTQ+ inclusion a priority for the firm.

Top 50 Ally Executives

Sean Navin – Managing Director, Global Markets Division

Sean is a Managing Director Ally and has held multiple leadership roles in our Hong Kong LGBTQ+ Network. He is the founder of Pink Friday, one of the biggest annual events raising awareness for the LGBTQ+ community with more than 60 organizations joining the firm to celebrate LGBTQ+ inclusive workplaces across the Asia Pacific region. Sean is also the winner of Community Business’ 2020 LGBT+ Inclusion Ally Award.

Anna Skoglund – Partner, Investment Banking Division

Anna is co-chair of the Europe, Middle East, and Africa Inclusion and Diversity Committee (EIDC), an accountability body focused on the retention, development, hiring and promotion of diverse professionals at the firm. She is also a member of our Managing Director LGBTQ+ Ally initiative, which helps drive the LGBTQ+ inclusion dialogue within the Investment Banking Division and the firm more broadly by offering mentorship for LGBTQ+ employees, organizing events, leading the creation of an art installation focused on LGBTQ+ visibility and the development of inclusion training for employees, as well as public speaking events.