Investment Banking Co-Head Talks About the Junior Banker Experience

31 AUG 2015

In a recent episode from our podcast, Richard Gnodde, co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International and co-head of our Investment Banking Division, discusses the capital markets in Europe and Asia. In this same interview, Richard also talks about the experience of our junior bankers.

“Recruiting and retaining talent… straight out of university is probably the most important thing that we do,” Richard says. “At the end of the day, the success of this firm is all about the people.”

To support this effort, Richard mentions that Goldman Sachs works to make the experience of our analysts a rewarding one. Among the topics Goldman Sachs thinks about are: cultivating a diverse workforce with a broad range of talents, creating opportunities for our people to learn and advance their careers quickly, and demonstrating the long-term career opportunities in investment banking.

“I think it's one of the most exciting careers that you can go for,” he says of investment banking. “You go and buy The Wall Street Journal or The Financial Times and you’re reading about what you've been involved in.”