Q&A with Raevin Walters, Associate in New York City

In this Q&A we catch up with Raevin Walters, an associate in our Asset Management Division in New York, who shares a bit about her path to the firm, how she finds a sense of community, and what makes Black History Month special for her.

Can you talk about your path to Goldman Sachs?

During my sophomore year at Pace University, I interned at the firm even though—like many summer interns—I knew very little about corporate finance or the work I would be doing when I arrived. Of course I was nervous, but it was exciting and I was determined to learn. I returned the following summer for another internship. On top of the great work experience, I met another summer analyst when I arrived, who is now one of my very best friends, mentors and confidants.

How did you find your community at Goldman Sachs, your sense of footing and belonging?
Interning for two summers at the firm definitely kick-started the strong community I have, but my peers and mentors come from being involved in firm initiatives like the Black Network, Women’s Network and Community TeamWorks projects.

One of my passion projects was working on the firm’s reverse mentoring initiative. The Black Network partnered with Human Capital Management to launch a reverse mentoring program aimed to further the firm’s inclusion efforts by creating learning opportunities and providing space for employees to practice inclusive behaviors.

Working on such a meaningful and impactful initiative alongside colleagues who were equally as focused on engaging in real conversation about race, ethnicity and social identity has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at Goldman Sachs.

How does the firm empower you to be yourself?
The firm’s plethora of diversity and inclusion programing and focus on authenticity has provided the space for me step into myself and show up as I am.

What makes Black History Month special for you?
Black History Month is a special time because we are able to celebrate the Black community and its many accomplishments and contributions to the world. I also use it as a time of reflection. Though the significance of Black history extends beyond any one month, it’s a great time to focus and reflect on more than just what is in the history books. It’s a time to pause, unite and gain new perspectives.

How do you nurture your community and create a sense of belonging for others both inside and outside of Goldman Sachs?
I really enjoy giving back and creating a positive impact, whether it be through mentoring college students, participating in Firmwide Black Network programming, or personal passion projects. For example, a few years after joining the firm I started a nonprofit called I'm Possible with my colleague, Karla, whom I mentioned earlier. We had met as summer analysts and are both passionate about representation and mentorship, and so created I'm Possible to inspire young leaders through mentorship, exposure and diverse representation. By providing underserved communities access to leaders across all industries and background, we encourage them to see that anything is possible!

What do you think the future looks like for the Black community?
I think about how far we have come, yet how much work there still is to do. The present day inequalities are persistent and serious, but I look to the future with optimism, light and energy.

We are a strong and resilient community that has broken barriers previous generations could have never imagined. I believe we will continue to break barriers and lay the ground work for future generations to make positive change.

What are some of your goals?
I’ve been setting goals for myself since I was a little girl and have many – I want to run a marathon, get married, start a family, grow my nonprofit. My ultimate goal, however, is to have a positive impact on the world. I want to influence meaningful change.

What do you want your legacy to be?
I will admit, I am still trying to answer to this question, but I know that I want to be known as someone who was positive, thoughtful and uplifting. I try to bring joy to everyone I meet and everything I do, and want to be known as someone who was reliable, hardworking and passionate. I also thoroughly enjoy making others laugh, so hopefully I can be remembered as funny, but that one may take some work!

And finally, what’s your superpower?
Connecting with people! I try to be very genuine and build understanding and authenticity in relationships. It has helped me better navigate life and my career.