Children Visit Goldman Sachs and Learn that Dogs Can Do More Than Play Fetch

29 APR 2019

The firm welcomed some special helpers to six Goldman Sachs offices across the US last week – children who were joining their parents at work for the annual Take Our Children to Work Day. This year’s theme was “Goldman Sachs in Action: Building Careers of the Future.”

The children—grades three through seven—had a busy day at offices and participated in a variety of educational activities, led by volunteer Goldman Sachs employees and classroom facilitators, that taught them about what their parents do at the firm and what careers of the future could look like. In line with the day’s theme, kids worked together to construct “workplaces of the future” that were both innovative and environmentally friendly.

Children also participated in a community service project that involved a visit from furry guests — graduate dogs from The Seeing Eye®, an organization that trains puppies to be guide dogs for the visually impaired.  The kids had the opportunity to hear from the dogs’ owners, ask questions and learn about the important role of guide dogs.  They then helped put together gift bags of dog treats for families who will foster puppies and prepare them for training at The Seeing Eye®. In addition to a donation, Goldman Sachs will be naming a puppy, “Marcus,” which will one day become a Seeing Eye dog for our community.

“My son was very excited to join,” said Shajal, a vice president in Jersey City.  “He had a wonderful time participating in the different projects, activities and games, especially learning about the Seeing Eye dogs.”