Goldman Sachs Supports Technology Apprentices in London

26 JAN 2016

Goldman Sachs has announced the launch of an apprenticeship programme in London, in partnership with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). From Autumn 2016, a class of apprentices will join the ‘Degree Apprenticeship Programme’, a flagship scheme launched by the UK government in March 2015.

The ‘Degree Apprenticeship Programme’ will allow participants to complete an apprenticeship within Goldman Sachs’ Technology division, whilst studying for a degree at QMUL. After the four year programme, participants will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Digital and Technology Solutions, with the potential opportunity of a full time position at Goldman Sachs. The format of the programme offers students a path to higher education whilst also receiving a competitive salary.

Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Harriett Baldwin, said: “A key part of the government’s long term plan is to ensure that our workforce has the skills it needs to succeed. That is why we’re committed to creating 3 million apprenticeships by 2020. I know from personal experience the career opportunities that are available in financial services and that is why I am delighted that Goldman Sachs is launching a new degree-level apprenticeship programme today. This is an exciting scheme that will give young people the opportunity to forge careers in one of Britain’s most important industries.” 

Queen Mary University of London is one of the UK's leading research-focused higher education institutions and already provides a strong talent pipeline into Goldman Sachs. While studying for the course, students will be able to specialise in Software Engineering and learn about new technologies and modern innovators, programming techniques and innovative software design. The placement within Goldman Sachs’ technology division will allow the students to apply this academic theory to a real workplace environment, and ongoing software and engineering assignments.

Professor Rebecca Lingwood, vice-principal for Student Experience, Teaching and Learning, said: “We're excited to develop new degree opportunities at Queen Mary University of London and build upon our track record of partnering with businesses. Graduates from this course will have the best of both worlds by learning from real-world situations and gaining the most up-to-date, technical knowledge from their courses and lecturers at Queen Mary.”

The Technology division lies at the centre of Goldman Sachs’ business, and its dynamic environment requires innovative strategic thinking and immediate, real solutions. It is the largest division in the firm's workforce, and key to the firm’s continued development and success.

Damian Sutcliffe, head of EMEA Technology and global head of Operations Technology at Goldman Sachs, said “By combining the dynamic work environment of our technology hub with innovative junior talent, we are excited by the possibilities and opportunity this provides. The programme offers students a genuine alternative to the traditional university path.” 

Apprenticeship programmes allow firms in the UK such as Goldman Sachs to reach a growing talent pool of students from non-traditional educational backgrounds, who have different aspirations about how to begin their careers. The Degree Apprenticeship Programme allows Goldman Sachs to tap into a broader range of technical expertise within the highly competitive STEM talent pool in the UK.

Skills Minister, Nick Boles, said “Apprenticeships are about one simple idea - opportunity. They give young people the chance to work hard and get on, while giving businesses like Goldman Sachs the power to nurture the people they need now and in the future. Degree apprenticeships, like the ones Goldman Sachs has announced today, are delivering the high tech, highly demanded skills our economy needs. We’re committed to 3 million more apprenticeships, because that means 3 million more opportunities.”