Then and Now: Stevie

02 AUG 2018

During the summer of 2015, we profiled interns from around the world in a blog series called My Summer at Goldman Sachs where they chronicled their individual experiences at the firm. While our new intern class continues their summer experience, we wanted to check in with our former interns from three years ago to get some of their reflections and updates on what they are doing now. 


Let’s catch up with Stevie, an analyst in the Investment Management Division to see what she is up to now. 

Internship: Market Solutions Group within Investment Management Division, New York City 

Current Role: Market Solutions Group within Investment Management Division, New York City  

Path since the internship:

I am currently an analyst in the same group I interned with in the summer of 2015—the Market Solutions Group within the Investment Management Division at Goldman Sachs in New York. So far, during my time at Goldman Sachs, I have been encouraged to create ownership over my work and have been given opportunities to contribute to projects and initiatives that align with my interests. My curiosity has been encouraged and cultivated, and my team is open to hearing ideas, insights and solutions. For example, this year we launched an official Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) mandate in response to growing interest in socially responsible investing. This area of investing is very interesting to me, and I was able to contribute to this initiative in a meaningful way.

This fall, I will be giving a TED-style talk on the main stage of 200W on the topic of ESG investing and green/social bonds. The ability to speak on the same stage as such prestigious leaders of Goldman Sachs and distinguished guests is an honor that I am very excited about. I am also a member of the Junior Advisory Board (JAB), which seeks to enhance the analyst experience broadly. I have really enjoyed the interesting conversations with my fellow analysts and JAB members and the open dialogue we maintain. 

Question from a 2018 Summer Analyst: What can we (as interns) do to make the firm better this summer?

Stevie: Don’t be afraid to ask the question. Oftentimes, interns have questions that may identify potential gaps in our systems and practices. When you look at something every day, it can take fresh eyes to point out a flaw that can ultimately turn into a solution. The only way your colleagues have eyes into your curiosity is if you ask thoughtful questions.

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