Transgender Day of Visibility

Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO David Solomon gathers with colleagues in recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31, 2022.

In recognition of International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) on March 31, Goldman Sachs’ transgender colleagues and parents of transgender children took the opportunity to share what the day means to them, the importance of visibility, and the firm’s role in supporting them.  

TDOV was founded in 2009 to honor transgender people and to increase awareness of discrimination they face. The day continues to have special significance as transgender rights remain under assault around the world.

Nicky Agyevi-Armah, Analyst, Compliance 

“Transgender Day of Visibility is an opportunity to acknowledge the immense strides and progress we’ve made as it pertains to trans inclusiveness in contemporary society—due largely in part to the steadfast commitment trans woman of color have historically dedicated to authentic visibility and unwavering community support. As we look forward, I am eager to see how much further we progress as our colleagues, allies, friends, and family members join us in this collective effort.”

Maxine Cline, Analyst, Compliance 

“Transgender Day of Visibility is a unique celebration in that it allows us to reflect on the positive strides society has made in including and empowering Transgender and Gender Nonconforming (TGNC) individuals while simultaneously spotlighting areas of improvement that continue to persist. TDOV allows us to hear the voices of those who may feel unheard, see those who may feel unseen, and reach out to those who may feel untouchable. I’m happy to say that as a transgender and non-binary employee at GS, I have personally seen all aspects of TDOV greatly realized every year I’ve been here.” 

Maeve DuVally, Managing Director, Executive Office 

“Visibility is being prominent both visually and verbally to provide hope and a way forward for those who are not ready or not yet able because of external circumstances to be their true selves. For some of us, visibility can become a vocation and higher calling not only to be of service to others but also to educate, so that, over time, society at large learns to accept us.”

Tochi Izegbu, Vice President, Human Capital Management 

“TDOV is a time to remember and honor our transgender community – especially trans women of color – who sparked the revolution at Stonewall enabling transformative change for the broader LGBTQ+ population.  I’m the proud parent of a trans child of color and I’m humbled to continue advocating for LGBTQ+ rights in the aim to provide dignity, equity, and freedom for all.”

Ryan Luckey, Vice President, Executive Office 

“From our Business Principles - #7 – ‘For us to be successful, our people must reflect the diversity of the communities and cultures in which we operate.' As a proud parent of a transgender adult, Goldman Sachs’ support of our employees and families on Transgender Day of Visibility is a wonderful affirmation. We recognize that the diversity of our people is a key driver of our success.”