Women in India Explore Careers in the World of Finance

The third annual Women Emerging in Finance event was hosted at the Goldman Sachs Bengaluru office on January 10th.

Ninety-six university students attended the program, which identifies promising women across leading campuses in the country to invite them to spend a day with Goldman Sachs’ leaders and professionals at the Bengaluru office with the objective of understanding their career interests and providing a perspective on what it takes to be successful in the financial services industry.

Gunjan Samtani, Co-Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs Bengaluru, welcomed participants by starting an ongoing dialogue between participants and the firm regarding the opportunities and nature of work involved in financial services.

Vidya Lakshmi, head of Human Capital Management in Bengaluru, moderated a fireside chat with Bunty Bohra, Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs Services in India. “We are committed to inclusion in the same way we are committed to serving our clients. Our power to convene multiple perspectives enables us to solve the most complex problems, see risks others miss, and create unique outcomes; a diverse workforce is a competitive advantage," said Bunty.

The participants also had the opportunity to be part of case study sessions hosted by employees representing the different divisions, and to attend ‘The Future of Work’ session led by Mrudang Pandya, Managing Director, Services, Goldman Sachs Bengaluru. Mrudang emphasized on how “our buildings should represent our culture” and provided an overview of the upcoming Bengaluru campus. This was followed by a skill-building session that focused on demystifying workplace myths.

Kiran Shah, Co-Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs Bengaluru delivered the closing remarks encouraging the participants to “view their career as a marathon and not a race. It would involve working hard, a steep and continuous learning curve and an aspiration to reach a level of proficiency which would make them the go-to person on their expertise.”

The event concluded with a dinner where the participants got an additional opportunity to connect and interact with Bengaluru leadership.

“From the personalized welcome, to the engaging sessions with leaders of the firm, the event provided us a perspective on the current financial environment, the significance of workplace diversity and the true ethos of Goldman Sachs,” remarked one participant. “Women Emerging in Finance helped me internalize the importance of ambition and the fact that women too could break the glass ceiling but only if they aimed high enough,” added another.