Spotlight on Careers: Salt Lake City

12 JUL 2016

Opened in 2000, our office in Salt Lake City has become one of Goldman Sachs’ largest in the world. 

Initially a hub for a handful of functions, Salt Lake City now offers career opportunities for students, recent graduates and experienced professionals across 14 of our 16 divisions: Compliance, Finance, GS Bank, Global Investment Research, Human Capital Management, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Legal, Internal Audit, Merchant Banking, Operations, Securities, Services and Technology.

“I have worked in Salt Lake City for the last 3 years and seen the office become increasingly vital to the success of our worldwide business with every passing year,” says Elizabeth, an analyst in Operations.

Many of our people have found that working in a regional office gives them more responsibility early on and greater exposure to all the firm's businesses while in a city considered to be one of the best places to live and work in the United States.

“As a newer office, there is a spirit of entrepreneurship that encourages innovation and creativity,” says Bridgette, an associate in Finance. .

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