A Day in the Life

Here, I rise to the

“How would I describe a typical day? Market-dependent and unpredictable. I like to stay on my feet and absorb the excitement on the trading floor, making it easier to connect with my teammates over the noise of ringing phones, message pings and other voices. My team, Private Investor Product Group, sells structured notes—an alternative investment strategy—to retail clients such as large private banks, broker dealers and RIAs. Structured notes allow for flexibility in customizing investments to fit a client’s broader portfolio and providing a degree of investment protection.


o Grab coffee

o Read research and emails

o Raise standing desk to make it easier to move about the floor to talk with trading, origination and other teams

o Begin working on pricing requests


o Chat with structuring and trading teams

o Work through product pricing requests with clients

o Price and trade incoming quotes

o Close open orders and submit last-minute deals


o Break to reset and shift gears after the close

o Revisit open projects and continue meetings with teammates

o Attend client events

o Drinks and dinner close to the office with friends and colleagues

When I’m not at my desk during the day…

I’m meeting with one of my mentors or colleagues.  A number of my mentors are not part of my immediate team, which I find really beneficial to bounce ideas off of them and get an outside perspective. I think we should always be searching for new connections, so I make it a point to set up meetings with new people every once in a while and learn more about them.

Skills to be successful in my role…

Sales-minded, attention to detail, strong communication skills, ability to remain calm under pressure and team oriented

Best advice I’ve received at GS…

It’s ok to express your personality and let your teammates as well as clients see the person behind the computer. Good mentors, managers and colleagues have helped me gain the confidence to be myself every day. 

How I’d describe my team dynamic…

Collaborative and high energy. The trading environment promotes fast paced interaction with teammates and other teams on the floor.     

Who I am makes me better at what I do…

Throughout high school I grew up on a sailboat with my family sailing around the world. Being immersed in different cultures and languages taught me how to be understanding, communicative and most importantly adaptable to a changing environment. Today, I attribute a lot of my teamwork skills and attitude towards my work to the way I grew up. Working in a team to grow a business and overcome challenges along the way is a lot like sailing across an ocean; you hoist the sails, turning headwinds into tailwinds. It’s hard to predict what can come up in terms of opportunities and obstacles and it’s important to remain open minded. I appreciate how Goldman Sachs encourages personal and professional growth, making a wide variety of options available for its people.


Lightning Round

Favorite work perk
The gym! Especially when it’s snowing outside and I know I only have to take the elevator from my desk to get a workout in. Also, I love the in-house health center and physical therapy— so convenient.                                       

Lunch go-to 
Mixed grain bowls, acai bowls, salads                                                        

Favorite Talks at GS guest
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and CFO Nelson Chai

First thing I mastered after joining GS
Onboarding new clients 

Skill I’m building now
Learning how to be efficient and effective within the firm by expanding my technical knowledge and mastering internal procedures.

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