Executive Director/Vice President
IBD Marquee Engineering

Investment Banking, Dallas

“From on-boarding to being acclimated with the firm, all employees are encouraged to feel comfortable approaching colleagues and asking questions without any apprehension.”

Joined GS



Mumbai, India


Symbiosis University, Pune
IT Business Management



While growing up in Mumbai, I loved playing around with the utilities that came bundled with Windows software. I remember that one of my favorite programs was MS Paint, which I would use to endlessly doodle during computer sessions. Even then, outdated languages such as BASIC were fun to experiment with. Throughout my schooling, my fascination with computers remained a key influencer in my higher education, and I eventually chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Information Technology.

I interned at Goldman Sachs with the Investment Banking Division Engineering team for three months before receiving a full-time offer with the same team. During that time, I worked with other interns on an end-to-end project, where we were given the responsibility to execute and deliver the project while still having the opportunity to seek mentorship when needed. This kind of unique, hands-on learning experience at Goldman Sachs distinguishes it from other organizations. Now, as a full-time engineer, I help make products used by IBD and external clients. My team specifically works on the digital-client-experience-related products. We experiment with new technologies that best fit our use case, which also helps us expand our skillset. Investment Banking Division Engineering focuses on full-stack development, where each person works on developing an end-to-end functionality. The last few projects I was involved with were extremely interesting as we worked on different types of business products and provided solutions using a range of technologies across the application stack.

I see technology as an enabler to solve business problems. As an engineer, I understand the business requirements and the workflow from the user’s perspective; I take the time to learn the appropriate technology for our stakeholders and eventually help deliver the right solutions to those stakeholders, who are our bankers or external clients.

The culture at Goldman Sachs is very open instead of being rank-driven. From on-boarding to being acclimated with the firm, all employees are encouraged to feel comfortable approaching colleagues and asking questions without any apprehension. There are brilliant minds here at Goldman Sachs, and everyone is willing to be a source for knowledge. One great resource is Goldman Sachs University, which employees can utilize to pick up new engineering skills or update knowledge on specific subjects. Resources like Pluralsight, Safari Books and Coursera have been helpful in gaining in-depth knowledge on some of the technologies.  

The biggest piece of advice I can give to engineers starting their careers is to stay curious. During my time at Goldman Sachs, I have found that even the most senior leaders at the firm are constantly finding ways to learn more and be problem-solvers. It is almost impossible to grow in your career without being inquisitive, so never stop being hungry for knowledge.

I love photography. Analog photography, specifically, has taught me the importance of patience – though sometimes waiting for something so beautiful can be exciting! I especially enjoy taking photos of heritage buildings, and I am currently captivated by the theme, “reflections.”