Executive Director/Vice President
Equities Prime Services Strats

FICC and Equities, New York

“There are plenty of initiatives that give new hires excellent exposure to the firm’s environment and culture.”

Joined GS



New Dehli, India


Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Computer Science and Engineering


Traveling, Video Games, Reading

It all started with a video game. My parents have been my role models and always encouraged me to foster a sense of curiosity toward how things work. When my dad bought me a FIFA video game as a kid, I was extremely intrigued at how the computer could pit itself against a human – and win at times. From then on, I yearned to understand the science behind how this was possible, which eventually led me to pursue computer science and engineering scholastically and as a career.

As a student, I loved competing in science, math and astronomy Olympiads. My school created great opportunities for success that allowed me to hone in on my interests. I also received fellowships from the Government of India Department of Science and Technology that helped me pursue my interest in science. Additionally, my peers were instrumental in encouraging me to follow my passions. While in school, Goldman Sachs’ Engineering organization was recommended to me as one that is both dynamic and at par with any of the core-tech companies, and has an environment that would foster my growth as an engineer. 

I am on the Equities Prime Services Strats team in the Global Markets Division focused primarily on client analytics. My team builds tools and metrics that help estimate and explain a client’s profitability to GS. It also builds analytics that help in optimizing the book and drive client conversations through key metrics. Some of the projects I have been involved with include building a what-if engine that helps estimate profitability, capital footprint and returns of prospect clients or trades in the most optimal way. I have also been involved in developing metrics that help us understand and analyze key drivers of business growth and come up with ways to improve those metrics. These projects have provided me with excellent exposure to both business requirements and technological challenges that are crucial for growth as an engineer.

It is very important to ask questions, share new ideas and engage challenging projects. My advice to young engineers is to never be afraid to ask questions, especially when it is critical to understanding the work at hand in depth. You are here to learn, and Goldman Sachs is known for fostering the growth and development of new hires. This includes sharing new ideas and interesting ideas for projects. The environment of diversity, meritocracy and flat hierarchy enables people to interact and exchange ideas at any level. Taking up difficult projects will also give you the opportunity to grow and learn more, and expand your knowledge of engineering at Goldman Sachs. 

As a part of my career development, I recently took mobility from the Bengaluru office to New York. Given the global nature of the work done at Goldman Sachs, I found the process to be very fluid. I was amazed by the support that I received from my manager and broader team during my transition. One of the highlights of working at Goldman Sachs is that it provides employees with a platform and encourages them to work toward career development goals through various means, such as mobility.

I love traveling. I recently returned from Europe, where I took part in the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain, and attended the Tomorrowland music and dance festival in Boom, Belgium. I have traveled to 17 countries so far, and I hope to touch 30 other countries in the next five years. I also love reading, and I am planning to take up a new book every month. Most recently, I finished Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.