Managing Director
Mergers and Acquisitions

Investment Banking, Paris

“At Goldman Sachs, we live and breathe teamwork. Other companies may talk about this, but it’s a true focus here.”

Joined GS



Paris, France


ESSEC Business School


Sailing, Reading, Cooking, Spending time with family

For 18 years, I worked as an investment banker at a large firm in Paris and London. In 2018, I had the opportunity to interview with Goldman Sachs in Paris. I was impressed by the team and how the firm operates, so I decided to make the move to Goldman. I’m glad I did, as it’s been wonderful to see firsthand how the firm takes teamwork and communication to the next level. Plus, our team here in the Paris office is growing, and it’s exciting to be part of the momentum.

I’m a leader on the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) team in France and Belgium. We provide M&A advice and services to our clients on some of their most important strategic decisions and transactions. I’m a generalist, which means I advise clients across most sectors. This includes automotive, consumer, retail, and, more recently, technology and consumer. Given this, my role is quite broad and interesting.

Goldman Sachs is a great place to start—and grow—your career. Right from day one, new people are integrated and welcomed to the team. You get a chance to be heard and contribute ideas right away. You also have many opportunities for training, rotations with other teams, and mentorship. I myself am mentoring two people right now.

The culture at Goldman Sachs is truly unique. We live and breathe teamwork. This stood out to me when I first came to the firm. Other companies may talk about teamwork, but it’s a true focus here. As part of this, we have an open door policy. In fact, many offices in Paris don’t even have doors, including for our most senior leaders. This makes it easy for people at all levels to get answers on the spot. Teamwork is how we stay connected, make the best of everyone’s talent, and work together as one team to deliver great results for our clients.

I’m proud to be involved with one of the firm’s diversity initiatives: Launch With GS. This is the firm’s commitment to invest $500 million in women-led companies and investment managers. In Paris, we organize events for the community of entrepreneurs who could be eligible for the initiative. It’s a great example of the many ways that Goldman Sachs promotes diversity, every day. Diversity is fundamental to the way we work.

Outside of work, I often go sailing with my family, including my two kids. In the summer, we sail to places around France, Greece, and Italy. I’m the skipper. My father taught me how to sail, and I went on to sailing school to get my instructor’s degree. Then I just never stopped sailing.