Executive Director/Vice President
Asset Management

Asset Management, Frankfurt

“I can’t think of a better place to start and grow a finance career than at Goldman Sachs.”

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Frankfurt, Germany


University of St. Gallen, Switzerland



Mine is a tale of two roles, as I’ve worked at Goldman Sachs twice. In 1998, I joined the Equities Division in our Frankfurt office and worked in Frankfurt and London for 11 years, selling the equities research product to European investors. In 2009, I left the firm to run my own investment business. Then, in 2016, I sold my firm and returned to Goldman, this time working in asset management.

I can’t think of a better place to start and grow a finance career than at Goldman Sachs. Given my unique career story, I’ve evaluated the firm from different perspectives—once right out of university and also after almost a decade of working elsewhere. When you’re coming out of university, Goldman is a fantastic training ground. You’re surrounded by smart, ambitious, hard-working people who help you learn and grow.

Coming back to the firm, I was drawn to its entrepreneurial feel. Having built and sold my own firm, I don’t use this phrase lightly. At Goldman Sachs, you have a lot of latitude to pursue commercial opportunities and develop new products. Best of all, you don’t have to do it alone. When you identify new opportunities, you have the support of a global team to help you move quickly. They’re just a call or email away. As such, it’s a phenomenal place to expand your reach and grow to the max of your abilities.

In 2019, I helped the firm launch a new sustainable finance product in Europe. Around the world, there’s a growing interest in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and impact investing. I worked with our Fundamental Equity team while making our flagship emerging markets equities portfolio ESG compliant. One of my clients was the cornerstone investor, and the fund has subsequently been featured in many industry publications. This is a great example of how, if you’re a driven person looking for the challenge of creating something new, Goldman is for you.

Day to day, I work with institutional clients in Germany, corporate pension plans, endowments, and faith-based investors. My goal is to develop longstanding relationships with people and have an ongoing dialogue about the challenges they face in managing their assets. Recently, I sat down with a CIO of a large pension plan. He really opened up about the direction in which he wants to take the plan and the obstacles he was facing. I was just listening and taking notes. The key is to establish yourself as a trusted advisor.

I never miss the chance to take part in the firm’s Community TeamWorks. Back in 1997, when I interned in the firm’s office in New York City, I helped clean up Central Park. Once, our team in Frankfurt was rebuilding fences in an animal shelter—and we were attacked by retired circus goats! Recently, I’ve worked with a large German foundation to coach kids from underprivileged backgrounds about their education and careers.

Mentoring helps me stay connected to our other offices. I’m being mentored by a colleague in New York, who gives me insights into the broader business. I also mentor an associate in London. We talk about how to grow her career and navigate complex situations.

In Frankfurt, we’ve moved into a new building in the city center. When you walk in, it looks and feels similar to our offices in New York or London. Plus, Frankfurt is a great place to live. It might not be the first financial center that springs to people’s minds, but it’s a vibrant city with an up-and-coming professional population.

My work-life balance oscillates as needed. Of course, work is one of my key priorities. But I also spend quality time with my family. We just got a dog and spend a lot of time outdoors together.