Executive Director/Vice President

Global Investment Research, Seoul

“In my job at Goldman Sachs, it’s really a global experience because it’s not just investing in Korean stocks and just looking at the Korean industry or the Korean economy, but we broaden our view and have a unified Goldman Sachs perspective about the industry.”

Joined GS



Milan, Italy


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
Business Administration



I’m a big soccer fan. I was born in Milan and lived in Italy when I was very young. Italy is big into soccer, so I learned to be a soccer fan from early childhood. After my early years in Italy, I moved to Korea and attended elementary school and middle school here. I went to high school in the US – initially in Hoopeston, Illinois – It’s about 6000 people. From Hoopeston I moved to another small town - Watertown in Wisconsin - and that’s where I graduated high school.

I attended college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My major was business administration, and it was at college where I discovered my keen interest in investment research. When I entered college I didn’t really know anything about the stock market. My friends in school suggested that I invest in stocks and I soon realized that I had to know my stuff in order not to lose money - and - have a chance to earn some. So I started to study stocks in depth, the markets and even the global economy to understand what decisions need to be made to invest in a particular stock. And that’s where I gained my interest. Since then my goal was to become a research analyst.

After college, I applied to different jobs around the world. In New York, Hong Kong, Korea. I had a few options including an offer from a prominent securities firm in Seoul and I joined that firm as a research associate. While there, I heard about an open position at Goldman Sachs and applied.

Through the interview processes, I gained a lot more interest in the company. A number of people I interviewed with have been in the industry for a long time, and they gave me advice about working in the industry and the career path as a research analyst.

In Global Investment Research (GIR), our primary goal is to provide value to our clients. We write research reports and recommend ideas to our clients. We provide a differentiated view to help our clients make the best decisions about their portfolio-making process. We also field requests from clients, such as arranging company visits, making models and sending those models to the clients. And so our goal is to help the clients create investment performance that will consistently outperform the benchmark indices.

I help cover the Technology sector and Korea is home to some of the largest technology firms in the world. Technology sector is a fast-paced sector where staying on top the news updates 24/7 is important, which at the same time provides a great learning environment to watch and understand how the industry and trends develop rapidly. Accordingly it is one of the most closely watched sectors when global investors look at Korean stocks.

In my job at Goldman Sachs, it’s really a global experience because it’s not just investing in Korean stocks and just looking at the Korean industry or the Korean economy, but we broaden our view and have a unified Goldman Sachs perspective about the industry. So it broadens the horizon of my thinking, to get to look at the companies under my coverage not only within the domestic framework but at a global scale.

We have weekly calls and biweekly calls with the regional and global team to share information about our respective covers with each other. Not only do we have these structured calls, but we have spontaneous calls with other teams within the global GIR technology sector to discuss requests from their, or our, respective clients. Almost every day there will be questions asked from different offices, such as the New York or Tokyo office about large Korean Tech firms because clients in different regions are interested in what Korean technology companies are doing. We not only provide our view, but also ask about US or Japanese tech firms - because that’s of interest to our local clients. And global clients are also interested in the competitive landscape.

We do a lot of company visits and we also have a lot of special meetings with industry experts as well. When people think of research, they usually think people just sitting in front of the computer the entire day but we do get to meet a lot of people, get to learn about new technology and use that to differentiate our research in writing or when talking with our clients. Here we work in two languages: we mainly publish in English but we work with our local clients in Korean.

I love sports. I love to play soccer. I play sports with friends, such as soccer, basketball or cycling. I also love to watch sports. I like to play fantasy football and basketball as well.