Managing Director
R&D Engineering, Data Quality and Records Retention

Engineering, Bengaluru

“Our software portfolio is incredibly diverse.”

Joined GS



Chennai, India


PSG College of Technology, South India
Computer Science


Eco-friendly toy making, Classical Music

I joined Goldman Sachs because of its focus on technology. As an engineer, it’s important to me that I work for a firm that embraces the latest technologies and is constantly re-inventing better ways to solve problems. I decided to join Goldman Sachs, because I got a strong sense from my interviews that the firm is committed to continually investing in technology. 

Engineering teams across the firm build software to meet a wide range of business needs, so our software portfolio is incredibly diverse. I never feel like I’m solving the same problems. I may be working on a new report during one cycle, and in the next I'm working on document digitization. Each project brings fresh challenges to solve and new skills to learn. It’s what keeps me excited about work every day.

Right now, I help manage two engineering teams. The Research and Development Engineering team (R&D) and Data Quality and Records Retention team. The R&D team looks across the firm and finds ways we can use technology to solve problems like improving response to clients and their experience, as well as innovating business processes with automation. We engage in building frameworks and applications that are technically challenging and impactful. The Data Quality and Records Retention team finds ways to efficiently retain documentation and improve our data quality. Both teams provide many opportunities for constant learning and for an engineer to stay hands on with the latest technology.

I want other women in engineering to have the same opportunities I’ve had. I’m a part of the Women in Technology Network at Goldman Sachs. Our goal is to encourage talented women and help them find ways to advance in the industry. We organize women-led technology sessions where participants can learn new emerging technologies and frameworks. We also encourage women within the firm to submit papers and to present at external technology conferences. This year, we submitted 15 abstracts to the Grace Hopper conference in India.

When I’m not at work, I’m trying my hand at eco-friendly toy making, so that I can avoid buying plastic toys for my son. I also like to create books to keep him entertained and interested - his favorite one is an animal themed book in which he owns a barn and its animals teach him everything from telling time to the world continents.