Mergers and Acquisitions

Investment Banking, Paris

“Every day, I’m motivated by the intricate challenge of helping clients transform their business. ”

Joined GS



Rabat, Morocco


ESSEC Business School
Master of Science in Management


Football and Basketball

In college, I specialized in corporate finance and M&As. So it was a natural fit for me to start a career in investment banking. Through networking events at my school, I had the chance to meet people in the finance industry in Paris. Many of them recommended Goldman Sachs for its reputation, the excellence of its people, and the collaborative atmosphere.

Goldman Sachs also intrigued me because of its international presence. I have a multi-national background myself, as I was born and raised in Morocco, then lived and traveled in Europe since I was 18. After university, I decided to stay in Paris and find a job. I looked at a variety of banks and decided I might be a good fit for an international bank like Goldman Sachs.

From day one at the firm, you can make a difference. For three months, I interned as an analyst within the Investment Banking Division in Paris, then joined that team full time. Right away, I was able to take on big responsibilities and stretch my comfort zone. I also had unparalleled exposure to senior decision-makers like CEOs and CFOs. It’s been a great way to jumpstart my career.

As an associate in the firm’s Investment Banking Division, I give large corporate clients financial advice about any potential solutions or services they need. Most of the time, my team help with mergers and acquisitions. Along with that, we also help clients get the best possible financing sources, both in terms of equity and debt financing.

Working on M&As lets me be part of a pivotal point in our client’s companies history. Every day, I’m motivated by the intricate challenge of helping clients transform their business. Not only do I use my analytical and modeling skills, I also get to build relationships with corporate leaders who are often going through the biggest deals of their life. I’m honored to be part of a team that guides them through some of the most intense months in their career — and be part of a pivotal point in their company history.

The most valuable assets at Goldman Sachs are its people. The word that comes up most at the firm is teamwork. We share different viewpoints and make collective decisions, all to get the best possible outcome for our clients. When I go to work in the morning, I feel like I’m joining friends. My colleagues are committed, and they care about my personal development. They’ve taken the time to mentor me and help me develop new skills.

If you’re just starting out in finance, here’s my advice: Enjoy yourself and make the most of this tremendous journey. Speak up and share your opinion. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Build relationships, both in and out of the firm. I try to have regular lunches with people at other banks, law firms, or consulting firms, but also former colleagues, clients and people from university. The people you connect with today can be your clients tomorrow.

Outside of work, I’m a big fan of sports, both watching and playing. I follow football (Manchester United) and basketball (Golden State Warriors). Outside of office hours, you might find me at my favourite workout spot, Barry’s Bootcamp. This helps me come back to work recharged and motivated. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, including my work colleagues. On breaks, you can find many of us in the Paris office playing table football (foosball).