Executive Director/Vice President
Management and Strategy

FICC and Equities, Bengaluru

“I’m proud to work for a firm that truly values everyone’s ideas and contributions.”

Joined GS



Indore, India


B.Com (Hons.), SRCC, Delhi University

Chartered Accountant, ICAI


Traveling, Playing badminton

Working for Goldman Sachs intrigues me for several reasons. First, I have a passion for financial markets, which is why I got a degree in chartered accountancy. I also appreciate the firm’s reputation as a leading global brand. When I was finishing graduate school, the firm was just starting to grow its presence in India. It was a great opportunity to get involved with an expanding financial firm from the ground floor, so to speak.

My orientation was a great way to meet other new hires and to learn about the firm and my division. It gave me the opportunity to connect with a lot of people, including our senior leaders.

In my current role, I help the firm meet regulatory requirements. Every year, we submit our financial results to the US Federal Reserve as part of the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) stress test. CCAR is a submission by the firm to the Federal Reserve Board for which every revenue producing division provides projections for several different metrics.  My team’s responsibility is to manage the CCAR submission for the Global Markets Division which includes working with different businesses on projections and reviewing results with the Global Markets Division senior leadership and the Firmwide Risk Committee.  In my role, I work closely with people across the firm, including other strategists within Global Markets, as well as those in Controllers, Corporate Treasury, and Risk.

Over my 10 years here, I’ve had opportunities to take on more responsibility. One of my most cherished moments is the day I got promoted to vice president. I also appreciate the career mobility that Goldman Sachs offers. I started out as a controller and worked for 7 years across a few different roles as a legal entity controller for the firm’s Asia Special Situation Group, India Broker Dealer, and Fixed Income businesses. Then from one of our global town hall meetings, I heard about the importance of the CCAR. It sounded like an exciting area with a lot of exposure to senior leaders across the firm. Since it fit my interests and skill set, I decided to apply for a new role in the Global Markets Division.

Everyone is encouraged to share an opinion, even if you’re just getting started in your career. You get chances to be involved in meetings with senior leaders, and if you share your thoughts, people will listen. It makes me really proud to work for a firm that truly values ideas and contributions.

I really enjoy the opportunity to volunteer through the India Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative. This program connects employees with local non-profits and encourages us to volunteer with them. Recently, our office partnered with an external firm to build sanitary facilities in girl’s schools across Bengaluru. This project is important as access to such facilities is crucial for the students’ health and well-being. I help project manage this initiative along with others from Goldman Sachs. It’s always so rewarding to see such a basic need being fulfilled, and it has a huge impact on the community.

Outside of work, I love to travel. Every year, I take some time to explore a new country and do something adventurous. Recently, I went to South Africa and did shark cage diving and paragliding. Traveling helps me rejuvenate and come back to work with more energy and drive.