Internal Audit Department, New York

“Being data-driven and curious is essential to my role”

Joined GS

2019 (Intern), 2021 (Full-Time)


Goiania, Brazil; Weston, Florida


Florida International University


Pottery and ceramics, roller skating, travel, volunteering

I attended Florida International University where I double majored in Information Systems and Data Analytics and minored in Spanish. These areas of study functioned as a bridge between business and technology for me. Coding and data analytics classes helped to establish the technical background and data-driven mindset that prepared me for my work at the firm.

I was accepted to Goldman Sachs’ first Hispanic Latino Leadership Conference in New York during my sophomore year of college. As a first-generation college graduate, it was inspiring to hear insights from senior leaders who were also first-generation. I later found this experience to be a reflection of the culture of the firm and the incredible people who work here. At this conference, I was invited to interview with a couple of business segments.

My background in information systems aligned nicely with internal audit. I joined the firm as a summer analyst in 2019 and returned to participate in the firm’s internship program in 2020, when I was first exposed to the asset management side of the business. I took a quick interest in technology audit, which, in turn, inspired me to take more coding and software engineering classes at school. I shared these interests with my team who introduced me to Goldman Sachs’ tech teams.

I joined the asset management engineering team in 2021. My internal audit team is responsible for looking after the technology infrastructure of various desks across AWM—including different tools, databases, systems, and applications—and confirming that the controls are working properly to mitigate regulatory risk, financial risk, and reputational risk for us and our clients. In my role, I am exposed to different areas of the firm and work with many different stakeholders.

My role is exciting because every day is different. My team operates on a monthly project-to-project basis so I’m able to work on new challenges and workstreams each time. I’m learning new skills. I’m learning about new areas of the firm. I’m thinking about risk and control differently. And I’m learning new technologies. It’s an exciting space that’s constantly evolving. We’re being challenged and challenging our stakeholders, so I’ve been provided the opportunity to grow and learn.

People of all different backgrounds are welcome at the firm. While my colleagues share many important qualities—being data-driven, good communicators, naturally curious, and avid learners—we come from a variety of experiences. Some have gone to medical school, some have done their PHD, some have studied marketing or finance. You should never shy away from applying for an internship or career opportunity because of your background: different perspectives are always valued at Goldman Sachs.

If you’re a curious person, Goldman Sachs is a great place to start your career. Nobody expects you to know everything on day one; it’s encouraged to try new things and learn on the job. There’s a heavy apprenticeship culture at the firm, and everybody’s here to help you.