Executive Director/Vice President
Information Security Technology

Engineering, Warsaw

“When I have an idea for a new project, I am encouraged to discuss it with my manager, put together a project plan and then present to management.”

Joined GS



Warsaw, Poland


Edith Cowan University
Masters, Computer and Network Security


Spending time with family, Traveling, Sports

After completing my master’s degree in Australia, I worked for a software company operating in the financial market. In my job I had an opportunity to work with Goldman Sachs on a number of projects and I got to see how professional the people were and realized how much I enjoyed working with them. It led me to learn more about the firm and I was attracted by how GS supports the career development of its people. 

Joining Goldman Sachs in the Warsaw office, being part of its inception and participating in the growth of a business is very exciting. Having an opportunity to work for Goldman Sachs without having to go abroad is fantastic—and it shows me how important Poland is now for global businesses. 

I am on the TechRisk Advisory team and our role is to help strengthen the firm’s security around applications. We create tools and procedures to help evaluate and recommend security improvements for application development, which is an ongoing process. First, we work with our web application developers and deliver a security curriculum which helps standardize our approach for how to code securely across all software development. Then, at various points in the development process, we assess an application’s performance against our benchmarks by conducting design and code reviews and penetration tests. These analyses help identify security flaws in the early stages of development.     

My team’s efforts extend across the Technology Division and this often means working with different business units. I enjoy building these relationships and helping to strengthen what the TechRisk team can do for the firm in this area. We’ve been able to scale our efforts through the use of automation—an area of special interest to me.

When I have an idea for a new project, I am encouraged to discuss it with my manager, put together a project plan and then present to management. Everyone supports innovation and embraces ideas that can improve various processes. It’s a very entrepreneurial environment. 

Managing projects and delivering something that will help save the firm time and money is what I enjoy, because to do this means working in teams and coming up with ideas for improving efficiencies. The firm’s culture is about teamwork and collaboration, even with colleagues who may be in other offices—we use many technologies that enable us to communicate and work together as a team.

The firm offers many resources to its people such as career development through Goldman Sachs University and employee health support services. I find time to access the development resources available on topics such as leadership and how to communicate more effectively, and have found these quite helpful. It’s very convenient to be able to tap into these resources as I wish and when my schedule allows. Critical Health Solutions is another valuable resource for employees and family members, where employees can receive advice and assistance when any family member may need medical diagnosis or treatment.

My interests outside of work are varied; I recently became a father and I try to spend as much time as I can with my family. I enjoy many types of board games, power lifting, tennis, and traveling. Japan is a favorite place of mine—I love mountains.  My dream is to visit Alaska and Canada and to see the cliffs of Antarctica.