Executive Director/Vice President,
Derivative Settlements Group

Securities Division, Warsaw

“I saw the opportunity as one where I could contribute to a significant project…”

Joined GS



Lublin, Poland


Lublin University of Technology
Management and Marketing


Reading, Traveling

Ever since university, I knew that I wanted to work in banking. At the beginning of my career, I worked as a financial advisor for the largest financial advisory company in Poland, selling mortgage loans and saving, structured and investment products. After a couple of years, I moved to operations at another bank, where my first project involved transitioning capital markets operations from Singapore to Warsaw. I then went on to work with many types of derivatives and foreign exchange products before ultimately joining Goldman Sachs.

The fact that Goldman Sachs was starting operations in Warsaw seemed like a big opportunity for my personal and career growth—coming in on the ground floor was exciting. I learned about the position at Goldman Sachs from a headhunter and agreed to an interview even though I was very happy with where I was. I saw the opportunity as one where I could contribute to a significant project by helping to move the processes we had in London to Warsaw in 2015.

Today I lead the Credit Derivatives Settlements and Equity Derivatives Settlements Teams, and our main role is to settle Total Return Swaps and Equity Derivative products. Total Return Swaps are quite complex derivative instruments. Due to their complicated nature, there are many factors which could delay agreement on final amount and settlement. We strive to provide the best service for our clients, and in our case, that means that all cash flows should be settled on time, all discrepancies resolved and all necessary information provided to the client. Being part of a global firm, I work with people across the world: London, Tokyo, New York and Salt Lake City. Our clients are also in major cities around the globe like Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Jeddah, London, Madrid and Singapore to name a few.

I learned a lot about the firm’s culture during the transition of the settlements process to Warsaw. I went through similar transitions with other firms, where it was all about the process and the mechanics. At Goldman Sachs, similarly, we focused on the exacting details, but many more people were involved in the entire planning and execution. Now that the transition has ended, I’ve maintained close working relationships with many of the people involved in the process. The move helped us to build trust, rapport and collaboration. The concept of networking professionally across the firm with senior people and colleagues around the globe is quite different than my past work experiences and helps to achieve better results for our clients. 

I enjoy reading about the global economy, central banks and the history of money. I like to keep up with what is happening in the biggest economies: monetary policies, currency fluctuations, stock indices and commodities. I also like to travel—and have visited many places, including Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Canary Islands, Cyprus and Thailand.