Executive Director/Vice President
Federation Business Partners

Human Capital Management, Warsaw

“The work environment is dynamic and allows everyone to have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.”

Joined GS



Warsaw, Poland


Warsaw University
Undergraduate Degree
Kozminski University
Graduate Degree
Employment Law


Gardening and Sailing

I was one of the first members of the Human Capital Management (HCM) team in Warsaw when I joined Goldman Sachs in 2015. The decision to join Goldman Sachs was easy - I could not think of anything more exciting than being part of a team responsible for developing the people strategy for the new local office at one the largest investment banks in the world. The office continues to grow as we build out key functions.

In my role as an HCM Business Partner, I support our clients in developing and delivering the people strategy for their business. Business Partners support individuals and teams with the ability to grow within the firm, highlight opportunities and provide employees with the resources needed to succeed. In the end, our goal is to attract the best talent and retain our people.

The Warsaw office is a critical part of the firm’s global network. I have the opportunity to collaborate not only with colleagues in Warsaw, but also in other offices in London, Moscow, Paris and Frankfurt. For example, when preparing a training plan or launching a new employee benefit, it is helpful to engage with colleagues across different regions to share best practices and lessons learned. There is so much knowledge, experience and readiness to share information, and the collaborative culture helps in delivering superior results for our clients. The work environment is dynamic and allows everyone the opportunity to make a meaningful impact regardless of your title or the team you sit in.

I am involved in several extra-curricular activities at the firm. Some of my involvements include the Warsaw Women’s Network Steering Committee and the Warsaw People Development Committee. Being involved with these initiatives provides me with an opportunity to expand my network and have a broader impact. I always find meetings with senior female stakeholders hosted by the Warsaw Women’s Network valuable and inspiring. These initiatives really highlight the firm’s commitment to our personal growth and development.

Outside of work, I spend most of my free time with my children. Whatever time is left, I dedicate to my favorite hobby – gardening! Living in a city like Warsaw gives you an opportunity to rent an allotment in the city center, where you can grow your own fruits and vegetables. This is the place where I go to recharge after a busy week.