Executive Director/Vice President
Private Wealth Management

Wealth Management, Frankfurt

“The best part of my role is that I get to work with a diverse mix of interesting people, both inside and outside the firm.”

Joined GS



Dortmund, Germany


ICADE Business School in Madrid; Reutlingen University: European Business School
Dual Degree in Business Administration & Management


Yoga, Dancing, and spending time with my kids

I grew up in a quaint German village of 17,000 people, two hours from Frankfurt. Early on, I knew I might want a job in investment banking, as I was always interested in finance. For university, I moved to Madrid and studied business, living there for four years. I also had the chance to do several internships in investment banking. Then at a recruiting event, I connected with Goldman Sachs, and I was offered an interview.

My interviews got me excited about the firm’s people and culture. I interviewed with Goldman Sachs twice. The first was for an analyst role right out of university, but I ended up taking a role elsewhere. A couple of years later, I decided to interview again. Both times, I enjoyed meeting many people from the team. I think it’s important to get to know your potential colleagues, as you’ll be working with them day in and out. The firm’s interview process helps confirm that you connect on both a professional and personal level.

I fondly remember my first day at the firm. Everyone was so welcoming. In particular, three of our wealth management professionals took me to lunch at the Messe Tower in downtown Frankfurt. They told me that they were there to support me if I needed anything, a gesture that meant so much to me. Ten years in, they’ve stayed true to their word. I think of the three of them as the soul of our Frankfurt office.

Coming in to PWM, you should think of it as a marathon. The key to this role is connecting with people, which is not something you can do overnight. It takes time, grit, and resilience to reach out to potential clients and build positive, long-term relationships. In my case, I came into this division without any clients of my own and got to build my portfolio and network from the ground up. I enjoyed this entrepreneurial side of it and the ability to connect with people, which is one of my biggest strengths. Now I’m further into my career. I’m enjoying working with our junior members of the team, passing on the mentorship and advice I received earlier in my career in PWM. 

I appreciate the diversity of people I get to work with. There are so many different personalities, backgrounds, and stories, both inside and outside the firm. Our clients have all sorts of motivations when it comes to their money, and it’s so interesting to learn about their needs and help them find the best ways to put their ideas into play. In my decade with the firm, I’ve seen that the cooperation across the divisions keeps getting better and better. We truly operate as one firm to serve clients from A to Z.

My advice to those who are starting out: find a mentor. When I started at the firm’s Frankfurt office, I connected with a second-year associate in London. I asked him to be my mentor, and he’s still my mentor ten years later. It’s been a great help to me in my career to have someone who I can go to for advice or just to talk something through.

The firm gives me the flexibility to grow my portfolio—and my family. Working in PWM can be a great long-term career. There’s space to build your book and have a family, too. I have two little children myself. Granted, it takes some doing. I have to stay organized, and my husband and I support each other to enable us both to have great careers while ensuring we have time as a family. I also invested in a stationary bike during lockdown - and it was worth every Euro. It has been an important way to relax and recharge away from work. I ride it several times a week to relax and recharge.