Executive Director/Vice President
Multi-Asset Solutions

Asset Management, Bengaluru

Joined GS



Ghaziabad, India


B.Tech. IIT Roorkee, PGDCM. IIM Calcutta


Badminton, cricket, gastronomy

The field of Engineering took my fancy when I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree and I joined the university robotics team. I became fascinated by technology and the limitless solutions it could offer to our daily problems. Later, my interest in finance developed during an internship at an investment banking firm, where I became intrigued by the impact and reach of finance. Goldman Sachs Engineering offered me an opportunity to combine my interests in the two fields. 

Diversity of thought and willingness to learn are highly regarded at the firm. While applying for the role of GS Engineering, I was afraid my Industrial Engineering background would make me seem like an unusual candidate. But as the recruitment process progressed, I quickly realized how the firm’s culture celebrates people who have a thorough and creative approach to problem-solving.

Our team is very entrepreneurial, and that has allowed me to work on projects touching several parts of the business. My team, Multi-Asset Solutions, creates customized solutions for institutional and individual clientele, who range from corporations looking to outsource their pension management, to sovereign wealth managers seeking innovative investment ideas to incorporate into their portfolio. Projects range from building out our strategic long-term asset allocation model, to modelling our clients’ pension liabilities to help us build more efficient portfolios. The entrepreneurial model is challenging and engaging, so my work continually motivates me and pushes me to new limits.

With each project that I have worked on, I have had a chance to learn something new and work with a really smart team of people. Recently, I have been building a modern, web-based analytics platform that will help sieve market moves, monitor multi-asset portfolios and manage risk across the business. The platform will replace many manual reports and allow us to customize our analyses for each client. This project has required me to build web development skills and learn new languages, including Angular, Javascript and HTML. Our job asks that we continually learn, improve and innovate – this energy propels me every day.

Financial services is a dynamic and fast-moving field. I have had so many opportunities to add value within the industry, and know there will only be more room for technical proliferation in the future. Our team has begun to develop quantitative signals that will provide us with additional insights into the markets. I welcome all budding and aspiring engineers to join, learn, experiment and grow with the exciting world of financial services.