Managing Director

Global Compliance, Hong Kong

“It is quite refreshing to have a firm say to you, ‘we realize that you have a life outside the firm, and we want to support you.’”

Joined GS



Saratoga, California


UC Hastings College of the Law


City Sightseeing and Cultural Experiences

After law school, I joined a global law firm based in the Bay Area and then had an opportunity to move to Shanghai for work. Shanghai is very international, with people coming from many parts of Asia—it was a really exciting time to be in China during such a growth period. I later transferred to Hong Kong, which was ultimately a better fit for me, because it's more of the gateway between the East and West. 

While working in Hong Kong, my law firm placed me in a secondment to work at Goldman because there was a need for someone with my background in corporate finance law, US regulations and investigations. It was such a good fit that I eventually interviewed for an open position and joined the same team as a full-time employee of Goldman Sachs.

I find that working at Goldman Sachs is a more dynamic environment than a law firm because the work is global and we are dealing with many transactions coming at a constant flow. It also offers a collaborative team environment, a flat organizational structure, and the opportunity to learn from experts around me. I was able to develop a deeper expertise in my area because of the mentoring provided by managers who had years of specialized legal experience in jurisdictions around the world. They are eager to teach and share what they know.

I work in the Business Intelligence Group, a team in the Legal Department that focuses on legal, regulatory and reputational risk. I work primarily with Investment Banking to review transactions and provide legal advice on a variety of issues.

My coverage area is Asia-Pacific. Often it’s like traveling the world all in one day, because I may start the day speaking to Australia and New Zealand, which start a few hours before Hong Kong, then move on to matters in Korea and Japan, which are an hour ahead. Then it’s time for business with colleagues in Singapore and mainland China, followed by Bengaluru, which comes online a few hours later. It's really exciting to be a subject matter expert and have people around the globe ask for your expertise. That's been very rewarding for me.

The Talks at GS speaker series is really unique. The firm invites prominent leaders in various fields to come and speak to employees, so we often hear from inspiring people. Having the opportunity to hear from such impressive people with completely different areas of focus allows me to develop a unique perspective on timely and important topics. 

I co-head the firm’s Family Forum in Hong Kong. It’s one of our affinity networks that supports parents, spouses, and people with eldercare obligations.  We host many activities and provide resources to employees. It is quite refreshing to have a firm say to you, “we realize that you have a life outside the firm, and we want to support you.”

Outside of work, I volunteer my time with various causes that support diversity and the community. One organization particularly focuses on women in law. Its goal is to empower and promote women in law by providing skills building and networking events, as well as mentoring and advocacy. I have two daughters and I never want them to have any doubts about what they can accomplish, so I enjoy giving back to help women achieve all that’s possible in their careers. 

I like to take my girls hiking and experience what Hong Kong has to offer. Hong Kong has a rich and colorful history that is not always apparent to visitors. The girls and I may hike to a Chinese Buddhist temple in the morning, and then have afternoon tea in a refurbished colonial building. It is important for me to share the cultural experiences and Hong Kong’s history with them, because this is their home.