Executive Director/Vice President
Corporate Technology Audit

Internal Audit Department, Bengaluru

“Working for Goldman Sachs has given me the chance to get involved in diversity and inclusion groups... ”

Joined GS





R. A. Podar College in Mumbai
Masters of Commerce


Baking and Family Time

Growing up in the suburbs of Mumbai was a wonderful experience. The city is very fast-paced and full of people with diverse backgrounds. I stayed in Mumbai until I was 22, when I moved to the US to pursue a second master’s degree.

When I joined in 2012, Goldman Sachs was ramping up its internal audit function in Bengaluru. At first, I was the only person to join Corporate Technology in the office. It was a great opportunity to be part of the team at such an early stage and get to help it grow, which is a big part of why I accepted the job. Each year, I’ve gotten to add another layer of responsibility. Now, five years in, I’m a vice president, leading a team of auditors and responsible for all the audits we work on.

As an Information Technology auditor, my job is to validate automated system controls. My team makes sure all the information flowing through the firm’s systems is complete and correct. Financial firms run on numbers, so we need to be confident that everything we’re working on is accurate. To that end, we’re always looking for faster and more efficient ways of doing our job. I enjoy working with the team to spark fresh ideas.

One of the things I really value about working here is that it truly feels like one firm, with offices around the world. When I walk into a Goldman Sachs office in New York, London, or Tokyo, I experience the same warm, open-office attitude. Everybody works hard, but we also take the time to enjoy working together.

I’m passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion. All my life, I’ve interacted with many kinds of people with an array of world views, which has helped me develop into a more rounded, culturally aware person. Working for Goldman Sachs has given me the chance to get involved in diversity and inclusion groups, like the Women’s Network and the even more specialized Women in Technology Audit (WITA) group. I also take part in the Asia Pacific Legal and Internal Audit Diversity Networks. These groups are a great way to make a difference in the community, meet people across the firm, and build personal confidence.

Outside of work, I cook and travel with my kids. I usually spend my weekends taking the kids to their extracurricular classes and events. I also really like to cook and experiment with cuisines from various cultures to keep our meals interesting. I love to take vacations and explore new places, making sure I take a few vacations every year.  With my kids, we enjoy going to theme parks and with friends I enjoy visiting countries like Turkey and Greece.