Global Investment Research

Delivers client-focused research in the equity, fixed income, currency and commodities markets.

Who We Are

A global team providing fundamental research on companies and economies, as well as industries, currencies and commodities. Our research analysts are surrounded by dedicated software engineers, data scientists, content designers, and supervisory and operational services teams.

62% Equity Research

Our equity research analysts analyze macro, sector and company fundamentals to identify investment opportunities for the stocks we cover globally.

• Single Stock Research
• Thematic Research
• Sustainability Research
• Derivatives Research

13% Macro Research

GIR economists and strategists analyze a wide range of securities, markets and economies.

• Credit Research
• Economic Research
• Portfolio Strategy
• Commodities Research
• FX/Emerging Markets Research

25% Specialized Teams

Specialized skill sets ensuring GIR creates and distributes research tailored to its various audiences and takes advantage of ever-expanding digital, data and engineering capabilities.

• Digital and Content Strategy
• Data Strategy
• Content Management
• Data Management
• Engineering

Our Goal

To produce analytically ambitious, client-focused research with out-of-consensus conclusions in a fast-paced environment where time to market is of the essence. 

Our Clients

Asset managers such as hedge funds and mutual funds, and asset owners such as pension funds, endowments and foundations.

Shaping The Debate

Your work in Global Investment Research will make an impact. Our research has helped influence economic policy and continues to address critical challenges around climate change, racial and gender inequality, and the integration of emerging markets into the global economy. Explore our thought leadership, press coverage and market-leading convening power in more detail below.

Market-Leading Convening Power

We connect clients, subject experts and key decision makers with our webinars and conferences. Here’s a sampling of our events calendar:

Technology and Internet Conference

Technology and Internet Conference

We were joined by the senior executives of more than 140 leading technology and internet companies to explore the industry trends that are top of mind.

Global Strategy Conference

Global Strategy Conference

At our 29th annual Global Strategy Conference, we hosted a series of panel discussions with senior economists and strategists from across the globe and outlined our key strategy recommendations across the main asset classes for the year ahead.

Carbonomics: The Green Engine of Economic Recovery

Carbonomics: The Green Engine of Economic Recovery

We were joined by 30 CEOs and key policymakers to discuss their strategies to de-carbonize the economy and generate sustainable growth, in front of an audience of around 5,000 investors, corporates, regulators, and industry experts.

Global Investment Research Alumni

Those who leave Goldman Sachs take their experience with them wherever they go. We are proud to have a strong research alumni network comprised of thought leaders who are making an impact across industries and sectors.

Some of our notable alumni include:

Learn more about our colleagues across the firm, including GIR.

Learn about the firm’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.   

Who We Look For

Research analysts at Goldman Sachs are intellectually curious, creative and analytical. In addition to being passionate about the markets and interested in the research process, analysts possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

We Invest in Our People


We created Goldman Sachs University to help our people grow professionally – starting with their orientation and integration into the firm and continuing with ongoing development over the course of their careers.


From ongoing feedback to diverse talent programs, we’re committed to empowering our people to drive their own development and expand their horizons.


We emphasize an apprenticeship culture in which our junior team members learn by working closely with seasoned professionals. We believe this is critical to developing the next generation of Goldman Sachs leaders.