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A Fresh Take on Urban Rooftops

Alvéole, a company that brings beekeeping services to building rooftops is working with Goldman Sachs Asset Management Real Estate to help improve its sustainability goals by utilizing rooftops within its real estate investment portfolios.

The Goldman Sachs real estate investing group engaged Alvéole as the primary vendor for executing rooftop hives. At 30 investment properties across the U.S., hives are being installed and tenant events scheduled. From an office building in Los Angeles to an apartment tower in Brooklyn, Alvéole is delivering services including hive installation, maintenance and tenant engagement.

Inspired by Goldman Sachs’ $750 billion commitment to sustainable finance. The Goldman Sachs Asset Management Real Estate team has drawn inspiration from the firm’s commitments and has leveraged creative initiatives, like the one with Alvéole, to ensure that sustainable practices are implemented in the communities in which we invest. The bees are expected to produce about 1,000 pounds of honey locally. Tenants track the health of the bees online, watch honey extraction and enjoy workshops about the role of bees in the world’s ecosystems. Looking ahead to 2022, growth of this program is expected within the Goldman Sachs Asset Management portfolio along with expansion to new cities.



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