Goldman Sachs Americas Returnship

At Goldman Sachs, we see limitless value in diversity of experience and are committed to supporting those looking to return to the paid workforce. 

2020 Americas Returnship Class

Since pioneering the first program of its kind in the wake of 2008, Goldman Sachs has sought to listen and continuously innovate to increase the number of opportunities in the return to work space and recruit the best talent regardless of resume gaps.

“My Returnship was such a good fit that I got up to speed and provided value to my team quickly once I joined Goldman Sachs full time.”

Lori, managing director and 2015 Returnship program participant 

Our 15th annual Returnship program continues to be the preeminent program for experienced professionals who have been out of the workforce for two or more years. This program offers a supportive and structured path to re-entering the workforce after a career gap.

Ready to take the next step in your Returnship journey? Read below carefully to learn more about the opportunities at Goldman Sachs for you.

2023 Goldman Sachs Returnship

The Goldman Sachs Returnship is designed for talented professionals looking to restart their careers after an extended absence from the workforce. Our approach is not ‘one program fits all,' instead we focus on meeting professionals where they are now and helping them get to where they see themselves next..

This paid, six-month program offers opportunities across a variety of divisions to strengthen technical skills, provide access to professional development and allow professionals a chance to explore the opportunities available at Goldman Sachs.

As a participant, you will:

  • Experience six-months of on the job learning and exploration with a diverse community of professionals from a wide range of backgrounds
  • Access the vast network of resources at Goldman Sachs through continual leadership development, support and mentorship from a dedicated Returnship program team
  • Feel secure in the knowledge that top performers will receive advocacy and support as they navigate the transition to full time employment
  • Participate in intentional sessions focused on building community and creating a seamless transition experience back into the workforce

Eligibility: Previously employed professionals with five or more years of work experience who have been out of the fulltime workforce for two or more years (as of December 1, 2022) and are looking to return.

Registration Timeline:

*Participating Offices: Albany NY, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Jersey City NJ, New York City NY, Richardson TX, Salt Lake City UT, Wilmington DE, West Palm Beach, FL

Program Date: January 2023 - June 2023

Please note that the 2023 Goldman Sachs Returnship program is a paid six-month, full time professional commitment spanning January - June 2023. By submitting an application to this program, you are confirming that you understand the stated commitment and are prepared to meet the requirements of program.

*location availability varies by division

Anecdotes from previous GS Returnees

“The Returnship program was the perfect way for me to get back to work after a number of years away from practice. I was supported, provided with needed training, and given responsibility and an opportunity to excel. My prior experiences were valued, including those gained during the years away from corporate practice. I now get to work with smart people on interesting transactions doing a job I love, and it all started the day I decided to apply to the Returnship program!"

- Returnee c/o 2015

“The Returnship program gave my entire family the grace we needed for me to reestablish myself in the corporate world. The team I was assigned to curated opportunities that leveraged my background and skillset setting me up for long-term success. The leaders of the program and my colleagues in the cohort were mutually supportive and some turned into long-term friendships. I was promoted to Vice President 9 months after the Returnship ended – an unlikely experience if I re-entered the workforce without the support of this program."

- Returnee c/o 2021