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Maximizing the Potential of Our People

As a firm, we’re driven by our commitment to continuous learning and growth — all in pursuit of excellence. To unlock the potential of our people and teams, we’re dedicated to providing programs and resources that support professional development.

The firm’s learning programs range from skills-based offerings and high-potential leadership programs to roundtable discussions and talks hosted by senior leaders. Through the Learning and Development team, new hires receive resources to accelerate their integration including access to digital learning and orientation programs.  At each career milestone, our people prepare for the next step through tailored learning programs with an emphasis on leadership and firm culture. 

Several of the firm’s learning programs emphasize expert content, in-person networking and exposure to senior leaders. In 2022, over 12,000 unique digital courses were completed via self-guided learning, and this seamless integration into work on the desk is representative of the firm’s culture of learning, which fosters the pursuit of professional and personal growth.

Throughout the year, employees and their managers engage in Three Conversations at GS, our performance management framework focused on career development through high-impact coaching style conversations. A goal-setting conversation starts each year, a mid-year progress discussion offers support, and a comprehensive year-end conversation collects balanced and broad feedback from a variety of colleagues who work with each person — including those more senior, more junior, their peers and their manager. Managers also receive feedback from their direct reports on expected behaviours of strong leaders, linked to our framework: Know Me, Focus Me, Care About Me and Inspire Me.

For our vice presidents and managing directors, we provide guidance and training on how to manage people and projects effectively, exhibit strong leadership and exemplify the firm’s culture. Our nomination-based leadership development programs provide with skills training, individual coaching and networking opportunities to help them to continue to grow in their careers. 

Pine Street, our world-class leadership development organization, prepares partners and select managing directors to lead the firm’s next generation of people and businesses, and to advance the firm’s culture. Pine Street's programming, coaching, and assessment initiatives engage partners, select managing directors and key clients at critical points in their development to accelerate their growth and propel their ability to capitalize on the most important opportunities for the businesses and teams they lead.

Supporting a diverse pipeline of talent is a core strategic consideration at Goldman Sachs. Below are a few examples of the firm’s programs that aim to grow our diverse pipeline of talent:

  • Black Analyst and Associate Initiative: Provides Black professionals with access to development programs, enhanced connectivity to managers and access to a senior leader within their business area who serves as a coach. This program is offered to Black analysts and associates in the Americas and EMEA. 
  • Hispanic/Latinx Analyst and Associate Initiative: Supplements our newly joined Hispanic/ Latinx analysts’ day-to-day experience by fostering early connectivity to their managers, business leadership and peers. This program is offered to Hispanic/Latinx analysts and associates in the Americas.
  • Women’s Career Strategies Initiative: A global five-month career management program that provides developmental and networking opportunities for select women associates on evolving leadership styles, constructing career visions and deepening firmwide connections. We see the results in our promotion pipelines: of our 2022 women-partners promoted, half are WCSI alumnae, and over 25% of our women managing director population also took part in the program.
  • MPowered: 12-month program in India designed to build a strong leadership pipeline by identifying and investing in top women vice president talent and creating a multiplier effect and visible role models. 
  • Reverse Mentoring program facilitates mentor relationships, provides senior leaders the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of employees about their experiences and it equips them with the tools to become better allies to professionals.

View our People Strategy Report to learn more about our culture and how we enable our people’s growth and development to support our business strategy.