Kevin Davis

Industry:  Education and Consumer Cyclicals  
Business:  The Vine Trust 
Year Founded:  1997

"A social enterprise is a business like any other business, but it strives to make the environment or the society that it works in a better place."

Business Overview

The Vine Trust is an international interdenominational charity with a vision to see communities transformed across the West Midlands and Wales. Their projects are diverse and include: property development, managed workspace, community businesses, arts programmes, sports and leisure facilities, retail and market space, town centre management, environmental improvement, community transport, education work, employment training, information services, community development, and social provision..


Kevin manages a complex organisation with multiple business interests. He applied to 10,000 Small Businesses to ensure his business communication skills would support his powerful vision for The Vine Trust, when engaging with stakeholders and potential investors. 


Kevin has enhanced his business language skills, which has empowered him as a business leader. The programme has also connected Kevin with a network of like-minded business leaders who have social change and enterprise at the heart of their strategies.