Rana Harvey

Industry:  Retail
Business:  Monster Group (UK)
Year Founded:  2007

"Through the programme I have streamlined a lot of our processes…instead of taking 29 minutes to process an order, it now takes us less than two minutes."

Business Overview

Monster Group (UK) is a diverse group of privately held companies that has experienced exponential growth. Distributing products globally, this company operates from a head office based in York and a 90,000 sq ft distribution centre in North Lincolnshire.


Rana’s business began as a mannequin retail company called ‘Dazzling Dummies’.  Her entrepreneurial vision saw the company rapidly expand and Rana applied to the programme to formulate a business plan that could keep up with her ideas and ambitions.


Through 10,000 Small Businesses, and to accommodate her ever-growing vision, Rana rebranded her business from ‘Dazzling Dummies’ to ‘Monster Group (UK)’.  She also revolutionized her internal order processing to create a more streamlined and efficient system.