Rich Walker

Industry:  Technology
Business:  Shadow Robot Company 
Year Founded:  1997

"The programme is structured around peer-to-peer learning. At first you think: ‘How is that going to work between a restaurant, a cleaning company, a haulage company and a robot company?’ But it soon becomes apparent that the problems are the same across all businesses."

Business Overview

The Shadow Robot Company designs and manufactures state-of-the-art anthropomorphic robot hands and related systems. Their key product, the Shadow Dexterous Hand, is sold globally and used by clients in cutting-edge research and industry.


Although the company was designing successful and innovative products, Rich felt he needed a business strategy that would enable him to maximise their growth potential and bring their products to a wider, global client base.


10,000 Small Businesses has provided Rich with the practical skillset and the confidence to make the necessary changes to grow his business.