Roni Savage

Industry:  Manufacturing, Construction and Industrials 
Business:  Jomas Associates 
Year Founded:  2009

"What I learned from the Goldman Sachs programme is that I needed to step back to step up, so that I could be involved in the strategic planning of taking my business to the next level."

Business Overview

Jomas Associates Ltd is an innovative Environmental and Engineering Consultancy, founded by Roni Savage in 2009, with the intention of providing a superior, responsive service, supporting Land Development clients across the UK.


Roni’s focus on client satisfaction, and providing a high quality service, has seen the company grow year on year. She joined the 10,000 Small Businesses programme in 2016 while she was planning further expansion for the company.


After participating in 10,000 Small Businesses UK, Roni developed a strategic and ambitious plan, to maximize Jomas’ growth potential over the next 3 years. The programme gave her the confidence to make the necessary changes to grow her business, including changing internal systems to provide the infrastructure for growth.