Scott Dixon

Industry:  Food and Beverage 
Business:  The Flava People 
Year Founded:  2009

"We still do what we did 40 years ago just in a much more exciting way."

Business Overview

Born out of the British butchery trade, Flava People has been crafting high-quality sauces and seasonings for over 40 years. The business supplies the UK's biggest retailers, restaurants and food manufacturers with both bespoke white-label products and their own home-grown food brands.


With each new generation has come new opportunities for growth but the business faced the difficult challenge of remaining agile and highly innovative whilst preparing its people, processes and products ready to scale fast.


After participating in 10,000 Small Businesses UK, Scott had the tools and framework to make some critical decisions for the businesses 5-year plan. When growing into a new sector he was able to leverage connections made both during and after the programme via the 10,000 Small Businesses alumni app, to gain valuable insights from peers with experience of the sector.