20 NOV 2013

THE TIMES Celebrates UK Entrepreneurs with Articles Featuring our 10,000 Small Businesses Participants

THE TIMES, in association with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, celebrates UK entrepreneurs.

Women delivering real leadership in a multibillion-pound industry
Michelle Wright has made a success of her Cause4 advisory business and she wants other women to follow suit.
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Vine Trust branches out beyond its roots in 'Walsall's worst pub'
Kevin Davis began Vine Trust merely as a means of bringing young people together, but it has grown since then.
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Apprentices show resolve to learn technology and communication
Andrew Seaton believes business success is driven by a thoroughly modern mixture of technology and communication, persuading employees to focus as much on their communication skills as their technical ability.
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Courage to broaden horizons pushes growth to a new level
Niamh Barker's Travelwrap Company offers its website in six languages and features free international delivery.
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THE TIMES Celebrates UK Entrepreneurs Series [TheTimes.co.uk]