12 NOV 2014

Global Entrepreneurship Week: Celebrating 10,000 Small Businesses UK

To coincide with Global Entrepreneurship Week, Goldman Sachs hosted a series of events to celebrate entrepreneurs and highlight our 10,000 Small Businesses UK programme. The events took place from 17 to 23 November in London.

VIDEO: 10,000 Small Businesses UK participants Rana Harvey, managing director of Monster Group and Gav Winter, managing director of The Test People, share their best pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

We believe that high-growth small businesses play a vital role in creating jobs and driving economic growth in the UK through innovation and market expansion. Visit our Partner Zone on the Guardian's website to read more about entrepreneurship in the UK and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK programme. 

Global Entrepreneurship Week aims to highlight the benefits of entrepreneurship and motivate people to explore their own entrepreneurial ideas.

The following events took place at our London offices during the week:

10,000 Small Businesses UK Progress Report
A second report on the impact of 10,000 Small Businesses UK was published. Using new data and evaluation methodologies, it lays out compelling evidence of the programme’s impact on participating businesses’ growth. The first Progress Report was published in April 2013.

Talks@GS: Entrepreneurship and Building a Business
We held a Talks@GS session, for our employees, with Julian Metcalfe OBE, co-founder of Pret A Manger and founder of itsu and Metcalfe’s Food Company, Will Adderley, chief executive of Dunelm Group plc, and 10,000 Small Businesses UK participants Rana Harvey and Gav Winter. Moderated by Michelle Pinggera, international chief of staff, the panel discussion focused on the theme of entrepreneurship and building a business.

10,000 Small Businesses UK Street Market
Our employees had the opportunity to meet participants of the 10,000 Small Businesses UK programme to learn more about their businesses, and to sample and buy their products, including food, beverages and clothing. 

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