In Adversity is Opportunity


We are all confronting severe economic challenges that are forcing many of us to innovate and adapt. This is especially true for small businesses leaders, but we know that for the very best business leaders, in adversity there is opportunity.

In November, we brought together 300 alumni from the 10,000 Small Businesses UK program to Oxford for The Resilient Business 2022 event where we explored the barriers to growth facing our economy and helped equip attendees with the skills and networks to navigate the economic challenges they are facing this Winter.

The event convened some of the fastest growing small businesses in the UK together with academics, visionaries and thought leaders, to reinforce their resilience and celebrate their economic impact.

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How to Lead During Periods of Uncertainty

At Goldman Sachs’ Resilient Business event, we sat down with 10,000 Small Businesses UK alumni to understand how they’ve successfully led their organizations through extreme uncertainty.


Sara Roberts, Healthy Nibbles

I chose to attend The Resilient Business 2022 event as I am one of many small business leaders to recognise the turbulent times we have faced over the last two years which are now being compounded by the uncertain financial and political challenges ahead. Taking time to discuss and learn best practices from industry experts and business leaders is a crucially important to help navigate the challenges.

Shabir Djakiodine, Euro Accounting Ltd

This has been a difficult year for most small businesses, and recently it has become harder still. It would have been easy to conclude that I couldn’t afford the time, but I know the opportunity to have a short period away from the daily bustle will improve my perspective. Furthermore, the opportunity to gain extra insights and ideas from what the event will cover and from other attendees is too good to miss.

Simon Bozzoli, LDN Apprenticeships

As an organisation that is focused on supporting young people to realise their potential, LDN Apprenticeships has a duty to be resilient and to continue to provide outstanding support to our learners during tough economic times. The UK’s small businesses are facing an incredibly challenging next two years and there is no doubt that young people will be one of the groups who are worst affected by the crisis. I am excited to be attending The Resilient Business event to meet with peers, friends and business leaders who I know will help me to strengthen our business so that we can continue to deliver amazing results for our apprentices.

Featured Speakers

Darren Allaway

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Sharon Bell

Managing Director, Global Investment Research, Goldman Sachs

Mark Hart

Academic Director, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK

Charlotte Keenan

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Amanda Poole

Program Director, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK

John Storey

Head of EMEA Equities Franchise, Goldman Sachs

Paula Whitehouse

Section Lead, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK

In Adversity is Opportunity

Charlotte Keenan, head of Goldman Sachs’ Office of Corporate Engagement International, reflects on the key learnings and messages from The Resilient Business 2022.

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