The 10,000 Women Growth Fellowship

The 10,000 Women Growth Fellowship is an intensive program of events held over three days, followed by a six-month mentoring program, for 10,000 Women graduates from all over the world. 

The 2022 Fellowship will be in person, travel restrictions permitting.

Successful applicants will receive:

  • Coaching sessions with Goldman Sachs people to discuss their unique business challenges and plans for growth
  • Collaborative training events with business experts covering essential skills such as marketing, leadership and resilience
  • Opportunities to network with Goldman Sachs people, be paired with a Goldman Sachs mentor, and join fellow 10,000 Women graduates from across the world

The 10,000 Women Growth Fellows graduated from Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women online.
You can access this free, online course for women entrepreneurs on Coursera.


Meet the 10,000 Women Growth Fellows

From Kenya to Mexico, India to Uganda, Columbia to China, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Growth Fellows are running some of the most innovative businesses in their countries. These women business owners are leading and growing their businesses, and creating a ripple effect of impact in their communities. Learn more about some of the program’s participants below:


Group CEO, Blu Flamingo Digital Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

Born in Uganda, former broadcaster Seanice Lojede is the co-founder and Group CEO of Blu Flamingo, a digital advertising agency with locations in five countries across Africa. After travelling the world and with a passion for communication, she returned from her studies in journalism and set up a digital advertising agency in her home country of Uganda. The company has since expanded into Rwanda, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria and employs dozens of staff.

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Founder and CEO, Sprouts Kids Salon & Barbershop
Nairobi, Kenya

Having a son of her own, Wambui realized there were no children's hair salons and saw a gap in the market. Exactly a year later in 2013, Wambui and her team of four opened Sprouts Kids Salon for business. Six years on, Sprouts has grown to a team of 20 permanent members of staff and is the most recognized children's hair salon in Nairobi.

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Founder and CEO, Miemaw
Surat, Gujarat, India

Sweta founded Miemaw, a waste management tech startup, in response to the lack of solutions available for collecting segregated waste from household and commercial areas across India. Through her business, Sweta developed a waste segregation monitoring mobile application, ‘MiemawApp’, to support collection efforts with the mission of attaining a greener India.

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Founder and CEO, Ulalight
Mexico City

Ulalight designs and manufactures high-quality lights serving hotel, restaurant and residential clients. Monica acquired Ulalight in 2007 and transformed it with new clients and products. Ulalight fosters a collaborative culture to bring about the best of Mexico and it’s ancestral roots through the use of natural materials and the contribution of artisans, designers and creative communities.

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Executive Director, STEMi Makers Africa
Lagos, Nigeria

Amanda is passionate about contributing to the equality, prosperity, and economic power of sub-Saharan countries through creating opportunities for young people. After struggling to find a job upon leaving university - lacking the technical skills demanded by many employers - Amanda decided to establish STEMi Makers Africa in 2018 to help other young people enter the workforce. Three years on, Amanda leads community projects and education initiatives to address the employment gap in Africa and under-representation of women and girls in STEM.


Managing Director, Talent Unleashed
Gauteng, South Africa

Mantsha began her career as an engineer in the mining industry but turned to business because she wanted to create jobs and uplift her community. She is now a public speaker, business coach and managing director at Talent Unleashed, a consulting agency that works closely with entrepreneurs to develop effective business strategies. Mantsha has published six books, including How to Realize Your Personal Vision and Money 101: Making, Keeping and Growing Money.


Co-founder, Change Agency
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Carolina is the founder of Change Agency, an internal communication consultancy. The agency works in developing communication campaigns, graphic design, writing, audiovisual production, strategy development and training and specializes in change processes such as mergers, take overs, removals and digital transformation. Today, Change Agency has developed campaigns in 13 countries and 3 languages.


General Manager, Illapa Culturas Andinas
Cusco, Peru

Carmen is a qualified civil engineer and multilingual tour guide. Together with her husband, she co-founded Illapa Culturas Andindas, an adventure tourism company operating in rural Bolivia and Peru. Carmen has a strong desire to contribute to the development of her birthplace in Peru, and Illlapa supports inclusive and sustainable travel in harmony with Carmen’s heritage.


Founder and CEO, Myraa Technologies
Mumbai, India

Shilpa graduated from the University of Pune and is a leading AI technology expert and founder of Myraa Technologies, a custom global industrial solutions company specializing in artificial intelligence. Shilpa also has a commitment to mentoring engineering students and providing free advisory services to help scale up new businesses.


Founder, Ananya Child Development and Early Intervention Clinic
Hyderabad, India

Madhavi is an Auditory Integration Therapist with a degree in Psychology. A dedicated mother to a young son with ASD, in 2007 she founded Ananya, a Multi-Disciplinary Pediatric Rehabilitation Centre for children with developmental delays, autism, ADHD, and learning difficulties. Ananya now has three centers in Hyderabad and serves over 100 children and their families every single day.


Executive Director, Futuriste Tecnologia

Raquel is the executive director of Futuriste Technologia, a drone company which provides services to multinational companies all over Brazil. Raquel is considered Brazil’s first female drone instructor, having previously worked for 10 years as a programmer and system analyst. Futuriste is one of the oldest drone companies in Brazil and has won many awards in the sector.


Founder, Bertoro Design Acessórios Ltd

Valeria created her VYX Ipanema brand in 2007, putting her unique ‘carioca style’ in the spotlight with range of eco-friendly jewellery. A former architect with a passion for sustainability, Valeria set about looking for suppliers and manufacturers in order to realise her vision of using recycled materials and natural stones to create stand-out pieces. She also helps women from disadvantaged areas in Rio de Janeiro through training and charity work.