Ayodeji Megbope: No Left-Overs

Ayodeji is a graduate from one of the first ever 10,000 Women cohorts. She is the founder and CEO of No Left-Overs, a full-service catering company that began by selling regional bean cakes called “moin-moin,” but has now expanded to having a six-figure annual turnover.

Ayodeji’s journey is one of dedication and passion, starting her business to initially prove to herself that she could affect change to past narratives in her life and to provide her children with a better life than that of her own. Alongside this desire to provide a better life for her family, Ayodeji was also driven by her determination to give hope to people less fortunate than her own

Through the Growth Fellowship, Ayodeji received insights and advice on gaining new funding and enhancing day to day operations. Looking ahead, Ayodeji is now looking to develop an innovation strategy for No Left-Overs.